The EnergyScope model

The EnergyScope project is an open-source whole-energy system for regional energy system. The model optimises the design and hourly operation over a year for a target year.

EnergyScope is developed by EPFL (Switzerland) and UCLouvain (Belgium). This documentation introduces the core model EnergyScope with performances details in the Overview section. It has been applied to various countries and extended to face most of its limitations. For more information on versions, applications, and acknowledgments, see the Releases section.

Downloading EnergyScope

The public version of EnergyScope can be downloaded in the Releases section or from its github repository (using the Clone or Download button on the right side of the screen): You might be interested by two different versions:

Main contributors

There are many other developers making this model a community! You will meet them (and their work) in Releases section.